Hey Hey Ana Kras.

This pretty lady forms the other half of my favourite musician, the gorgeous Devendra Banhart. This is, I won’t lie, the main reason that I am currently crushing on her. I worship everything about Devendra and his lover is no exception.

The two make a visually delicious couple. So delicious in fact that I broke one of my posting rules and included a photo of Ana with Dev. The two actually modelled The Kooples Autumn 2012 range: perv here.

Miss Kras is a Serbian-born, New-York-based designer and photographer. You can check out her portfolio here.

In sum, she is incredibly talented and incredibly beautiful. No wonder Dev proposed to her only 5 minutes after meeting her!

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Hey Hey Bethany Cosentino

This lady fronts supermegaawesome musical duo, Best Coast. She sings and plays the guitar, while her right-hand-man, Bobb Bruno, plays “various instruments”. And let me tell you, the music they produce is pure, sparkly, dirty, sweet, sweaty, knotty, pimply, teen, surf pop. I swear, the words that Bethany sings, she has plucked right out of my brain. Whether it be boy troubles, getting stoned, drinking too much, being broke, being annoyed for no reason, not wanting to talk to your parents, Beth’s got it covered.


Ps - this is my current fave: "Better Girl" (….Beth, you fucking get me, man….)

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Hey Hey Mia Farrow.

This lady. She’s summin else. I’ve only seen her as Daisy in The Great Gatsby, but by golly did she nail it. She perfectly brought to life Daisy’s sweet, dreamy demeanour. She is an absolute pleasure to watch on screen, and I look forward to educating myself more on this pretty lady.

Don’t get me wrong, she has aged beautifully, but I simply couldn’t leave out any of these pictures, which are all from her youth. She used to model… duh.

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Hey Hey Chloë Grace Mortez.

Why I haven’t already posted about this pretty face, I just don’t know. But after being delighted, shell-shocked, and inspired by her movie Hick I simply had to pay tribute to this amazing actress. So far I’ve seen four movies in which this pretty lady stars, and I’ve loved every single one: 500 Days of Summer, Hick, Kick Ass, and Dark Shadows. 

Miss Mortez started young, starring in the 2005 Amityville Horror when she was only 7 years old*, the role that made her famous. IMDB tells me that she prefers to be called Chloë Grace, which I’m cool with. She was also a model before she started acting. And she has a cat called Zoe. In sum, she’s stunning, she’s badass, she’s darn talented, and a wonderful role model for teen girls everywhere. Keep doin’ yo thang Chloe.

*Sidenote: I’ve always wondered if little kids acting in scary movies actually get scared…

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Hey Hey Clea DuVall.

She played a strange, but loveable, pathological liar named Georgina in Girl, Interrupted, alongside pretty ladies Ange and Winona in 1999.

However, it has only just become apparent to me that Miss DuVall starred in another (perhaps less popular) movie that same year.

If you haven’t already, feast your eyes on the theatrical genius that is But I’m A Cheerleader. Unlike her role in Girl, Interrupted, Clea plays the badass in But I’m a Cheerleader, and man does she rock it.

She’s been seen hanging out with Ellen Page in recent times. Rumours are of course flying, as Ellen’s sexual orientation is always a topic of hot debate. They’d make a rad couple, but I’d be content with them just being besties.

Clea, you’re a babe.

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Hey Hey Rooney Mara.

So, this is a bit of an impulsive girl crush, seeing as I know literally zilch about her, but might I just say, she’s stunning! From what IMDB can tell me, she’s been quite attracted to darker roles throughout her acting career, so her 2011 part as “Lisbeth Salander” in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was nothing new. In fact, in order to ready herself for the part of “Lisbeth” Rooney cut and dyed her long brown waves, transforming them into a raven, chip-chop 70s punk style, got numerous piercings and taught herself skateboarding and kickboxing. So fucking badass. I am yet to see the movie, but am absolutely dying to. In the meantime, I’m enjoying a good old perv on Miss Mara’s hardcore-goth makeover. Mmm.

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Hey Hey Béatrice Martin.

Holy ba-jesus, I simply cannot resist a girl who can sing, let alone one who can sing in French. This Quebec-born beauty only gets cooler the more that I find out about her. For example, when she was 15 she played keyboard in “post-hardcore” band (Wikipedia’s words, not mine), December Strikes First. What exactly “post-hardcore” means, I’m not entirely sure, but it sounds pretty fucking cool. She has since gone solo under the name Coeur de Pirate. Her original material is really beautiful, and you should definitely check it out, but I simply must show you this delicious cover: I Kissed A Girl (acoustic).

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Hey Hey Mary Winstead.

You probably know her as “Romona Flowers” from that fucking extraordinary movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but Miss Winstead has left her pretty footsteps all over Hollywood. She’s starred in the likes of Die Hard 4.0, Make It Happen, Final Destination 3, Factory Girl and Sky High. This is kind of why I love her. She seems to have been quite successful in flying relatively below the radar. However, when she does step into the limelight, she glows.

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Hey Hey Emma Louise.

This Aussie-born songbird is only a wee 20 years old this year, and already she’s lapped up a number of awards. I was first informed of her beautiful existence by my cousin, who knew I would enjoy her sound. And boy do I! Here is one of her most celebrated tracks, Jungle. Can’t wait to hear what else this gorgeous lady has to fill my ears with!

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I’m slightly afraid that the small presence I once had on Tumblr has completely faded away into nothingness… but basically, I’ve been overseas and am now home. For anyone who cares :) Posting will resume shortly!
Oh also, I cut off all my hair.

I’m slightly afraid that the small presence I once had on Tumblr has completely faded away into nothingness… but basically, I’ve been overseas and am now home. For anyone who cares :) Posting will resume shortly!

Oh also, I cut off all my hair.

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Hey Hey Nicole Warne.

I’d like to think I discovered her and her wonderful knack for re-beautifying pretty vintage frocks, but really, I latched on to her about a year late. Miss Warne has been doin’ her thing since 2009. What exactly is "her thing", I hear you ask? Well, basically, she hunts and gathers and trawls and digs through a maze of second-hand clothing shops in search of has-been’s, and then injects the life back into them (a wash, a hem and maybe a bleach) and then she sells them online at Gary Pepper Vintage. She also hosts a positively lovely blog, where she keeps her followers up-to-date on the goings-on in her busy and glamourous life, and posts beautiful pictures of herself wearing the latest Gary Pepper Vintage gear. And naturally, she’s very nice to look at.

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Hey Hey this lady.

Her Tumblr followers (though they may only be a small bunch) are a lovely bunch, and they make her smile. They keep her fingers tap-tap-tappin’ on that keyboard and encourage her eyes to continue sifting through cyberspace in search of the prettiest pictures of the prettiest ladies. She would like to thank said followers for allowing her creative juices to run free, and more importantly, for appreciating them when they drip onto their dashboards. She would however, ask that you refrain from filling her dash with such beautiful and intriguing things, as she needs to study, and fears she may fail. Aside from that, she loves you all very much (well, as much as one can love a mysterious internet fiend that they’ve never met).

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Hey Hey Haley Bennett.

She’s still somewhat “up-and-coming”, which makes her terribly exciting. Haley has a bunch of movies for her CV, but the one in which she best demonstrates her girl-crush-ability is the 2010 acid trip, Kaboom. It is such a strange, but brilliant movie, and Haley plays a hot, pessimistic, lesbian who gets caught up in a nasty relationship with a girl who possesses voodoo powers not to be messed with. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was an acid trip. I haven’t seen Haley in anything else, but I’m sure she will be in hot demand in no time. I’ve got my eye on you Miss Bennett.

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Hey Hey Sienna Miller.

She’s a Brit-USA, mixed, goodie-bag of designing, modelling, acting and being drop dead gorgeous basically all of the time. Miss Miller succeeded in making my list of girl crushes when she blew me away with her performance in Factory Girl. She played the neurotic, quirky and childish Edie Sedgewick, muse and friend of Andy Warhol. Sienna absolutely killed this role. Not only did she display her ever-superb acting talent, but she looked the part, which really just added a whole new dimension to the movie, making it that much more real and convincing. This girl seeps talent, and I look forward to seeing what else she busts out in the future.

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Hey Hey Drew Barrymore.

Well she’s just stunning really, isn’t she? Yes. Yes she really is. Drew has been skipping around Hollywood ever since she was young enough to skip around. She has therefore left quite a prominent mark on the blockbuster-scene. However, I think my favourite of her roles was one she played back in ‘95: “Casey Roberts” in Mad Love. It’s a beautiful movie, and Drew plays her part fantastically. I also loved her in Donnie Darko, though her part wasn’t huge, she still played it wonderfully. It should also be known that Miss Barrymore was responsible for the theatrical genius that is Whip It, starring pretty lass Ellen Page and a bunch of other badass Roller Derby ladies. Her talents lies not only in acting, it would seem. Hooray for that!

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